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Find your state board CE requirements:

For NBCC Counselor (NCC), click here: NCC CE Requirements.

ASW Continuing Education

ASW Continuing Education offers top quality ASW continuing education

Addiction and Substance Abuse Counselors CE

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The following Aspira CE courses are accepted by the CA BBS. These course can be taken online by California Associate Clinical Social Workers (ASW CE).  Thus, just click on the link below to go to the corresponding Course Description page:

Click here: BBS Website – Additional Coursework Requirements for verification.


Telehealth Training 

On or after July 1, 2023, applicants for licensure and current licensees (before their first renewal after January 1, 2023) are required to complete three (3) hours of training or coursework in the provision of mental health services via telehealth.  For more information visit the BBS FAQs.
Continuing Education in Law & Ethics for Registered Associates

Effective January 1, 2023, the BBS will require registered associates to complete a minimum of three (3) hours of CE on law and ethics during each registered associate’s renewal period (annually) regardless of whether they have passed the California Law & Ethics exam.  For more information visit the BBS FAQs.
12-Hour L&E Course No Longer Required  

Effective January 1, 2023, registered associates who have failed the California law and ethics examination no longer need to take a 12-hour course in California law and ethics in order to take the exam again in their next renewal period.  For more information visit the BBS FAQs.


The California Board of Behavioral Sciences (CA BBS) accepts all courses offered by AspiraCE.  The BBS no longer approves providers themselves.  Therefore, they have deferred the process to other agencies and boards.  Aspira CE approvals meet the necessary requirement by the BBS to offer CE courses to all licensees within CA, even ASW CE.  You can visit our FAQ page for information.

Aspira CE wishes to help you in your pursuit of obtaining a license in Clinical Social Work in California.  Therefore, here are some links to important sections of the CA BBS website:

Social Worker Applicants

Associate Clinical Social Worker Registration Application Packet


For all other states other than CA, please see your particular State Board for the requirements in pursuing licensure as a Social Worker.


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Social Worker Continuing Education

Continuing education (CEU) courses offered

Aspira Continuing Education’s courses encompass all areas of mental health practice. Whether you are completing CEUs for your certification or maintain your license, our online continuing education courses provide the fastest, low cost, convenient way to fulfill your CEU requirements. We offer courses in the following subjects: