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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: Clinical and Licensing

Is Aspira CE approved to provide continuing education units/hours for my license and state?

Aspira CE is approved to provide continuing education units/hours for many licenses and states. Check the map below to determine if Aspira’s courses are approved for your license and state.

Are AspiraCE courses accepted by the CA BBS?

The short answer is YES.  All of AspiraCE courses are accepted by the CA BBS.

The longer answer is the CA BBS is no longer approving CE providers themselves as of the end of 2015.  The CA BBS has deferred the approving process to other Boards and agencies.  The CA BBS will accept courses from CE Providers with approval from any one of the following:

i. National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

ii. Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB)

iii. National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC)

iv. National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)

v. American Psychological Association (APA)

vi. California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

vii. California Psychological Association (CPA)

Aspira CE has approval from the NBCC (provider number 6416).  Therefore, all of AspiraCE courses are accepted by the CA BBS.  Any licensee in CA will have the NBCC provider number printed on their certificate of completion.  The CA BBS accepts this provider number as proper authority to offer CE courses to any and all of those licensed and governed by the CA BBS.

Is Aspira CE approved for Psychologists?

Yes.  Aspira CE courses are approved for Psychologists in every state except New York.  New York requires providers to seek approval directly from the New York State Board.  All other states accept Aspira CE’s APA approval.   See approval statement below:

Aspira Continuing Education is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Aspira Continuing Education maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Does AspiraCE offer a 12 hour Law and Ethics course that meets the CA BBS requirement for those needing to retake the CA law and ethics exam?

AspiraCE does offer the CA BBS required 12 hour Law and Professional Ethics course for those needing to retake the CA law and ethics exam. You would begin with creating an account on our site. Once you have created an account you can purchase the unit package that best meets your needs (see our Pricing page for more details).

You will then go the Course Listing by clicking on the “Courses” option in the left hand column menu. Scroll down to the Law and Professional Ethics 12 hour course. Click on the View Course Info button. This will take you to the Course Description page. From there you can access the course document (in a PDF file) and the course exam. After purchasing the units and passing the exam you will be given immediate access to your certificate of completion that you would print out and submit to the CA BBS for verification.

Does AspiraCE offer courses to meet the BBS requirement for Mental Health Recovery Oriented Care (45 hours)?

45 hour Mental Health Recovery Oriented Care – AspiraCE offers several courses to meet this requirement.

Definitely include the following three courses:

• 2 hour Recovery Oriented Systems of Care
• 2 hour Mental Health Recovery Oriented Care: Operationalizing Recovery Oriented Systems
• 5 hour Mental Health Recovery Oriented Care: Shared Decision-Making in Mental Health Care

Plus any combination of the following:

      • Addiction Counseling Competencies – 15 hours
      • Alcoholism and Chemical Substance Abuse Dependency – 15 hours
      • Anger Management: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Manual – 3 hours
      • Behavioral Health Services for American Indians and Alaska Natives – 10 hours
      • Behavioral Health Services For People Who Are Homeless – 7 hours
      • CBT – How to Implement Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – 7 hours
      • Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders – 10 hours
      • Concept of Trauma and Guidance for a Trauma-Informed Approach – 1 hour
      • Considerations for the Provision of E-Therapy – 5 hours
      • Core Elements in Responding to Mental Health Crises – 1 hour
      • Crisis and Trauma Counseling – 15 hours
      • Drugs of Abuse – 3 Hours
      • Enhancing Motivation for Change in Substance Use Disorder Treatment – 7 hours
      • Helping Foster and Adoptive Families Cope With Trauma – 1 hour
      • Improving Cultural Competence-Quick Guide for Clinicians – 2 hours
      • Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction – 6 hours (requires a separate purchase of the workbook)
      • National Strategy for Suicide Prevention – 8 hours
      • PTSD – Clinical Practice Guideline for Management of Post-Traumatic Stress – 5 hours
      • Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons with Child Abuse and Neglect Issues – 10 hours
      • Suicide Assessment and Treatment: Empirical and Evidence Based Practices – 10 hours
      • Supporting Families Impacted by Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Trauma – 3 hours
      • Telebehavioral Health – What Every Provider Needs to Know – 1 hour
      • Telebehavioral Health and the Consumer – 1 hour
      • Understanding the Impact of Trauma and Urban Poverty on Family Systems – 15 hours
      • Using Technology-Based Therapeutic Tools in Behavioral Health Services – 4 hours

What course does Aspira CE offer that meets the CA BBS requirement for California Cultures, and the Social and Psychological Implications of Socioeconomic Position (15 hours)?

The course you can take with Aspira CE that the BBS will accept for this requirement would be the course titled Improving Cultural Competence Unabridged.

Does Aspira CE offer courses for LPCCs wanting to treat couples and/or families and need to meet the 6 hour marriage and family therapy requirement for each renewal?

Yes, Aspira CE offers several courses that can be used to meet the CA BBS requirement for LPCCs wanting to treat couples and/or families.  The CA BBS responded to our inquiry stating that the following courses are all acceptable in meeting the 6 hour marriage and family therapy requirement for LPCCs wanting to treat couples and/or families:

• Domestic Abuse in Later Life – 4 hours
• Helping Foster and Adoptive Families Cope with Trauma – 1 hour
• Spousal/Partner Abuse Detection and Intervention – 7 hours
• Supporting Families Impacted by Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Trauma – 3 hours
• Understanding the Impact of Trauma and Urban Poverty on Family Systems – 15 hours


Does Aspira CE report to CE Broker?

Aspira CE does report all completed hours to CE Broker for those licensed in Florida only.  If you have multiple licenses in more than one state, including Florida, make sure that each time you log out of your account that your Florida license is the one saved in your profile.

Once a month we pull out all courses completed from those licensed in Florida and submit them to CE Broker.  If you have one of your other state license information saved when we create this report, your account will not get captured, and thus your courses not submitted.

For information on how to change your professional license data, please see the question and answer below for the question that reads “If I have more than one license, can I print a certificate for each license for each course?”.  It is in the section titled “Certificate Related Questions”.

Where do I find AspiraCE’s provider numbers?

If you scroll down to the bottom of any page you will see a link in the footer titled “Approvals”.  If you click on that link you will be taken to the page listing all of AspiraCE’s approvals and corresponding provider numbers.  You can also click this link as well: AspiraCE Approvals and CE Provider Numbers

What is the difference between an Online Interactive CE Course and a Home-Study Course?

If you submit a completed course/exam to the CE provider via regular mail, then you have taken a home-study course. If the course/exam is completed and submitted online, then the hours are approved as an online interactive CE course. Many state boards, such as the California Board of Behavioral Services, allow all required continuing education to be earned from online interactive continuing education courses. Check with your respective board to determine the amount of hours/units that are permitted online.

Will the CA BBS allow me to take a course completed in a previous renewal cycle during a subsequent renewal cycle?

A question was asked of us whether the CA BBS would allow a licensee to take the same course from a previous renewal period in a subsequent renewal period.  Here is the reply we received from the BBS:

Per regulations, section 1887.3(f) A licensee may not claim the same course more than once during a single renewal period for hours of continuing education credit. There is no mention of taking the same course during separate renewal cycles.

FAQs: System/Website Related Questions

How does AspiraCE's system work?

AspiraCE is an online CE provider approved by several agencies and boards throughout the United States (see the map below to check if AspiraCE is approved in your state for your license).

AspiraCE courses and exams can be accessed at any time.  This allows potential members the ability to view all content prior to creating an account or purchasing units to make sure that the course of interest meets their needs.

Once determined that AspiraCE offers courses that meets your needs, you will want to create an account.  There is no cost to create an account.  This is required prior to purchasing units or taking any exams.  This way the system will know what to do with the information regarding purchases and exam results.

Once you have created an account you can go to our Pricing page to view all the pricing options to determine what would be the best option for you based on how many courses you need to take and how many hours that equates to.  AspiraCE offers the purchase of units that can be applied to the amount of hours of coursework needed.  You will need one unit for every one hour of coursework you need to take.

So, for example if you need one course for 7 hours, you will need to purchase 7 units.  If you have several courses that total 36 hours, you can either purchase 36 individual units at $6/unit, or purchase the unlimited subscription option that will allow you to use as many units as you want over a 12 month period for one price of $129.99.  This package would cover all 36 hours of coursework.

Once you have created an account and determined what pricing option is best for you, you can start reviewing the course content and then take the corresponding exam.  Once you have passed an exam the system will ask you to complete a course evaluation form.  After completing this form you will be given access to your certificate of completion (providing the units have already been paid for).

Regarding the exams: there is no limit on how many times you can take the exam.  If you bought units before taking the course exam, the system will not deduct any units from your account until you have passed the exam.  If you do not pass the exam, no units get deducted, you will just need to refresh you understanding of the course content and retake the exam.

All completed courses will be kept in your account on your own myCourses page.  You can access all of your earned certificates of completion on this page at any time.  So, if you ever need to produce a hard copy of your certificate of completion (if you are ever audited for example) just log into your account, go to your myCourses page, scroll down to your Course History and click on the Download button under the column titled Certificate for the course in question.  This will pull up your certificate of completion in a PDF document that you will be able to print.

What is the process of obtaining a certificate of completion after completing a course through ZynnyMe?

ZynnyMe is a third party company that Aspira CE works with to provide CE credit for courses completed through their website.  ZynnyMe hosts the course content and does all presentation of the material.  ZynnyMe charges for their courses and this cost is separate from any cost incurred with Aspira CE.

Once you have completed the course through ZynnyMe you will come to Aspira CE to take the corresponding exam.   You will need to create an account with Aspira CE prior to completing any exam on our site.  Otherwise, the results will not be save and will not allow for the receiving of the certificate of completion.

Once the account has been created with Aspira CE, you will want to locate the course title of the course completed on ZynnyMe’s site by going to Aspira CE’s course listing page (Click on Courses in the main menu on the left of the page).  Once the course title has been located you can click on the button labeled “Exam” under the title and description.

Complete the exam and then click on “Grade My Answers” at the bottom of the exam page.  Be sure to make sure every question has been answered, otherwise the system will not grade the exam.  The system will then display the results of your exam, providing you with an option to print the results if desired.  If you passed, you will then click on OK to proceed to the course evaluation form.  Complete the evaluation form and then you will be directed back to your myCourses page.  If you did not pass, find the questions you answered incorrectly, prepare yourself for those questions, then retake the exam.  (This is where printing the exam results can come in handy).

Now that the exam has been passed, you will need to purchase units in order to gain access to the certificate of completion.  You will need 1 unit for every 1 hour of coursework completed.  So, for example, if you completed a course for 3 hours, you will need to purchase 3 units in order to gain access to the certificate of completion.

To do this follow these steps:

  • Go to your myCourses page
  • Click on the Purchase Units button
  • Select Individual Units
  • Change the quantity from 1 to the number of units needed (this needs to match the number of hours of the course(s) completed through ZynnyMe).
  • Proceed to the Cart
  • If you have a discount code you will enter on the Cart page
  • After entering the code, click on Apply Coupon
  • Proceed to checkout to complete the process to have the units added to your account

Once the units have been added to your account and applied to the course completed, you can access the certificate of completion.  To pull up the certificate of completion follow these steps:

  • Go to your myCourses page
  • Scroll down to the Your Course History section
  • Click on the tab “Aspira Courses I’ve Passed”
  • Click on the Download button in the far right column titled Certificate
  • Once the certificate is displayed, click on the print icon to print a copy

If the certificate does not display when you click on the Download button, you will need to find out how your particular device and/or browser stores downloads.  Once you know where your device and/or browser stores downloads you will be able to click on and pull up the certificate.

At any time if you have questions or need assistance, please give us a call during our customer service hours (as displayed on our Contact Us page), and we will be happy to assist you.

What's the difference between Individual, Company Admin, and Company Employee account types?

Aspira CE offers three different account types when first creating an account.  Here is the explanation for each type of account:

Individual – This account type is the most common.  This account type is used by those seeking continuing education courses for the renewal of their professional license and who will be purchasing the necessary units themselves.  Do not use the “Company Employee” account type if you are purchasing your own units, use the “Individual” account type.  This account type will allow you to keep track of your purchase history and your course history.  You can purchase units, take exams, and earn & access all certificates of completion.

Company Admin – This account type is for those that have a company that wants to provide continuing education units for their employees.  You would not use the account to complete courses or take exams.  This account type purchases units in bulk and then has the ability to assign any number of units from their company total to any of their connected employees.  Employees are connected to the employer account through the company’s unique username.  The company account has the ability to run a report of all active employees showing the courses they have completed, the date passed, and the amount of units remaining in their employee account.

Company Employee – This account type is to be used by those who have been instructed by their company administrator (who have already created a company account) to create an account with AspiraCE.  This account type does not have the ability to purchase units, due to the fact that the company account purchases the units and then assigns the necessary units to the employee account once created.  This account type can take courses, take exams, and receive certificates of completion.


**Please use the Contact Us page for any questions regarding these account types.

What happens if I do not pass an exam?

If you do not pass one of AspiraCE course exams, the system does nothing.  No units get deducted from your account until you pass the exam.  You will just need to review the course content and retake the exam.  There is no limit on how many times you can retake each exam.

What is the process in obtaining exam results and receiving a certificate of completion?

After answering all the questions on the exam you will click on the “Grade My Answers” button at the bottom of the exam. The system will grade the answers and display your exam results immediately after clicking the “Grade My Answers” button. You will will then be taken to the course evaluation.

After taking a CE course (whether reading the PDF document, reading the required book, listening to an audio version, or watching a video) and passing the exam, completing the course evaluation, and purchasing the appropriate number of units, you will have immediate access to your certificate of completion.

The best purchasing option will depend on how many contact hours you need to complete for your license application or renewal. Please view AspiraCE’s Pricing page for details on all your purchasing options.  Your certificate will always available for viewing and printing on our site from your myCourses page at any time after earning it.

How can I register with Aspira CE if I don't have a license yet?

If  you don’t have a license and don’t need to submit your certificate(s) to a state board, you can simply select “No” when asked if you have a license when creating your account.  The system will then remove those fields from your Create an Account page.

If you don’t have a license, but are working towards a license and need to submit your certificate(s) to your state board, then you will still click “Yes” when answering the question “Do you have a license?”.

You can then leave the license number field and the license expiration field blank.  You will need to select the state where you are seeking licensure and you will need to select the profession you are pursuing for licensure.  These two fields are necessary in order to have the correct approving body information printed on your certificate(s) in order to have them accepted by your state board.

I forgot my password, how can I get access to my account?

Click on the Log In pull out tab on the right side of the screen.  Click on “Reset Password”.  You will be asked to enter your email address.  Enter the email that you used when you created your account.  The system will send you a link that will allow you to reset your password.  Once you receive this link, click on the link and the system will allow you to create a new password.  You can then use this new password to log in to your account.

Can I see the results of my exam to know which questions I answered correctly and which ones I answered incorrectly?

Yes.  Immediately after submitting your completed exam, the system will display your results.  There will be a print button as well so that you can print out your results.

How do I delete courses from the myCourses page under the tab "Courses I'm Working On"?

Courses you have added to your myCourses page that are pending under the tab “Courses I’m Working On” will have a check box on the far left.  Check this box for each course you want to remove from this list.  Once at least one box is checked an action button will appear above the list that allows you to delete the selected courses.  Just click on that action button and the courses you checked will be removed from your list.

How do I get a receipt of my purchase?

Our system will automatically send via email a receipt of all transactions. The system sends the receipt to the email listed in your AspiraCE account.

I have completed a course and when I click on the exam button I receive a message "page not found". Where do I access the exam?

On occasion, AspiraCE will discontinue a course or a group of courses due to out-of-date content.  We will provide a several month warning before removing the course.  This warning message will appear on the Course Description page of any course to be discontinued.

If you received a “page not found” message when trying to access an exam, this means that course was discontinued.  The course content may still have been accessible if you added it to your myCourses page in the Courses I’m Working On section prior to it being discontinued.

If you have already read through the content, you can still get credit for this course by passing the exam.  You just need to go to the Contact Us page, send us an email stating you completed a discontinued course and request that the exam be emailed to you.  Please be sure to include the title of the course in your email to us.

We will email you the exam.  Then you can complete the exam and email it back to us with your answers selected.  If you earn a passing score and we verify that you have enough units in your account to cover this course, we will mark the course as passed and paid in your account, and manually deduct the appropriate number of units from your account.  You would then have access to the certificate of completion on your myCourses page under the tab, “Aspira Courses I’ve Passed”.

FAQs: Certificate Related Questions

How do I gain access to my certificate of completion?

You must have a registered account with AspiraCE and be logged in when taking the exam in order to get a certificate of completion.

You must also have the appropriate number of units in your account to cover the course(s) you complete.  If the link in the “Certificate” column on your myCourses page under the tab “Aspira Courses I’ve Passed” is “Apply Units”, then check to make sure you have enough units in your account.  (Remember you need 1 unit for every 1 hour of coursework. So, if you complete a 6 hour course you will need at least 6 units in your account to get access to your certificate).

If you check your unit total and you have enough units to cover the course, then simply click on the “Apply Units” link.  The system will deduct the appropriate number of units from your account; then the link will change from “Apply Units” to “Download”.  Simply click on this link again to access your certificate.

If after checking your unit total you discover that you do not have enough units in your account to cover the course(s) in question, then simply purchase the appropriate number of units and follow the procedure mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Once your certificate has been pulled up in a PDF document, you will then be able to print out a copy for your records.

How do I print my certificate of completion?

Go to your myCourses page.  Scroll down to the My Course History section.  Click on the tab “Aspira Courses I’ve Passed” (if not already highlighted).  Look to the right column titled “Certificate”.  There will be a button labeled “Download”.  Click on that button and the system will pull up your certificate in a PDF document.  You can then print your certificate from the PDF document.

What do I do if I lose my Certificate of Completion?

If you need to retrieve your certificate of completion, you can log into the site with your username and password, go to your myCourses page, click on the tab “Aspira Courses I’ve Passed”, click on any of the “Download” buttons at the right of each completed course and retrieve your certificate. You can print your certificate at any time.

If I have more than one license, can I print a certificate for each license for each course?

Yes. If you have multiple licenses you can print a certificate of completion to be applied to each license for each course you complete. To do this all you need to do is print a certificate of completion with your currently listed license information. After the certificate has been printed, go to your myCourses page and click on the “edit account information” link.  Then click on “Edit Professional Info”.  Change your license information to your subsequent license info, click on “Save Changes”, go back to your myCourses page, click on the tab “Aspira Courses I’ve Passed” and then reprint your certificates. Continue this process with any other licenses you may have that accepts courses from our site.

If you only have one license entered, you can add a license by clicking on the Add License button in the license window (the window that appears after clicking on Edit Professional Info).  Enter in the appropriate details and click on Save Changes.  You then will be able to switch between licenses by clicking on the box labeled Select License.  This will present a drop down menu of all the licenses you have entered into your profile.

My last name is printing twice on my certificate, how do I correct this?

The most common reason that a last name appears twice on the certificate is due to having it typed in both the First Name field (along with one’s first name) and in the Last Name field.  To correct this do the following:

  • Go to your myCourses page
  • Click on the link near the top of the page “Edit Account Information”
  • On your My Account page click on the link “Account Details”
  • On the Account Details page make the appropriate changes to the name fields
  • Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page
  • Go back to your myCourses page
  • Reprint your certificate(s) of completion

How do I get my certificate to fit and fill the page when printing?

You should print your certificate in landscape (wide) mode. To do so, select landscape mode from the print dialog that appears when you select the Print Certificate button. Consult your computer’s system or printer manual for more information.

FAQs: Refund Policy

Refunds and Cancellations

Aspira CE offers a 30-day money back guarantee. For complete details on our refund policy see our Terms of Service.

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