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Find your state board CE requirements:

For NBCC Counselor (NCC), click here: NCC CE Requirements.

myCompany CE Unit Packages

myCompany Unit Packages

The myCompany CE unit packages are for companies that have employees whom they would like to offer units to cover courses that will enable them to stay current with their credentials and/or access required training requested by the company.

Please see the instructions below for setting up your company administrator and employee accounts. If you have any questions you can use the Contact Us link in the main menu to send us an email, or call us at (805) 386-7035.

100 Company CE Units


500 Company CE Units


1000 Company CE Units


Create a Company Account

Interested in a myCompany account to provide CE for your employees?

Here’s how:

myCompany Registration:

Step 1: Select a Company Administrator

The Company needs to designate a company account administrator that will manage employees and the company account.

Step 2:  Create a Company Admin Account:

On the registration page the first field is Account type.

From the drop-down menu select “Company Admin” (not “Individual” or “Company Employee”).

Next, enter:

        • Name of the company administrator
        • Administrator’s email
        • Company name
        • Company Username and Password  – (which will be used when logging into the AspiraCE company account; the Username must be unique and not in use by any other company).
        • Company address and phone number.

You will then select “No” for the question “Do you have a license number?”

Then select how you heard about AspiraCE,

Followed by selecting whether you wish to receive emails from AspiraCE or not.

Then click on the box signifying that you agree with AspiraCE’s terms of service.

Once this has been completed you can click on the “Submit” button.

You will then be taken to your own myCompany page.

Step 3: Purchase a Discount Plan

After successfully creating your own myCompany account, the administrator will need to purchase one or more of the above CE Unit packages.

Purchases can be made online with a credit card.

If you wish to pay for the units with a check, please contact us at (805) 386-7035.

If a check is mailed to us, the units will be added to your myCompany account upon receipt of the check.

Step 4: Notification of Employees

The administrator will need to notify their employees to go to our website and create a company employee account.

They will go to the same “Create an Account” page, however, from the drop-down menu for Account Type, they will select “Company Employee”.

The company administrator will need to provide each Employee with the company ‘username’ so that the Employee can register under the correct company.

It is imperative that the employee enter the company username exactly as is within the company administrator account.

The link between employee account and administrator account will not work if the username is not exact.

Testing does not occur within the company account.

Employees test within their own account. This allows AspiraCE to maintain separate records for each employee.

The company administrator has the ability to make any employee registered under the company “inactive”.

When the employee creates their own employee account using the company’s username, they automatically get listed as an active employee in the company account.

The administrator can later make an employee “inactive” by selecting “inactive” in the Status field in the Your Employees section of your myCompany page.

The company administrator also has the ability to assign any number of units to each employee, up to the total of units remaining in the company’s account.  They just type in the total units in the “Add Units” field for each employee and then click on “Save Changes”.

Employee Accounts

Step 1:  Company Administrator Notifies Employee

The company administrator notifies their employees that they will be using Aspira CE.

Company administrator provides employees with website address:

Administrator instructs the employees to create a “Company Employee” account.

Provide the employees with the following link to create an account as well as this link taking them to the page with these instructions (

Step 2: Create an Employee Account

The employee, at the request of the company administrator, goes to our website and clicks on “Create an Account” from the menu in the left column.

Employee will then select from the Account Type drop-down menu “Company Employee” (not individual or company administrator).

The employee then enters their first and last name and their own email (their email will be their own username for login purposes to their employee account).

Employee then enters the company “Username” (provided by the company administrator).

This username must be entered exactly as given by the company administrator. The employee account will not link with the administrator account if the username is not exact.

The employee then enters their own private password, address and phone number.

Employee then chooses to select “Yes” or “No” to the question “Do you have a license number?”, depending on whether or not they are licensed professionals or not.

The employee with then fill in their license information if they selected “yes” to this question.

The employee then selects whether or not they wish to receive emails from AspiraCE,

Employee then clicks on the box to agree to the AspiraCE terms of service.

The employee clicks on the “Submit” button.

Employee will then be taken to the Account Confirmation page.

From there the employee clicks on “click here to get started”.

From there the employee will be taken to their own myCourses page.

Step 3: Notify Company Administrator

The employee will then need to notify the account administrator that they have successfully created their own employee account.

The company administrator will then be able to add the necessary number of units to the employee’s account from the company’s account.

Step 4: Company Administrator Notifies Employee of Units Added

Once the company administrator adds the necessary number of units to the employees account, the administrator will notify the employee of the added units.

The employee is then able to take the appropriate course(s) and exams.

Employee will be awarded a certificate of completion for each course exam successfully passed.

The employee can print out their certificates of completion and provide them to the company administrator as proof of completion.