Why Aspira CE?

About Aspira CE

With Aspira CE you can..

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Avoid the time and cost of traveling to a conference
  • Talked to a live person when needing assistance
  • Satisfy your CE requirements conveniently anywhere you have online access
  • View all CE course materials at any time. Click here to browse our Course List
  • View and take any exam at any time
  • Take as much time as needed to complete the exam
  • Take the exam as many times necessary to receive an 80% passing score
  • Pay before or after you have passed your exam (purchase required to gain access to certificate of completion)
  • Purchase a subscription to reduce cost.  See our Pricing page for details on all pricing options
  • Print your certificate at any time after passing your exam, completing the course evaluation and purchasing your units
  • Keep track of CE/CEUs earned from other sources on your own personalized myCourses page

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Aspira CE Provides CE Courses for:

How Aspira CE Works

Aspira Continuing Education makes taking all of your CE/CEUs quick and easy.

  • All course content (except book courses) and exams are available at any time, with or without an account.  Thus, this allows individuals to browse the courses of interest to make sure they fulfill their specific needs.  Once it has been determined that AspiraCE has the course(s) that meet one’s needs, the next step is creating an account.
  • There is no cost to create an account.  Therefore, just click on the Create An Account link at the bottom of the menu located on the left hand side of each page.
  • Complete your profile and save it.  Then, you will be taken to your newly formed myCourses page.  This page will help you keep track of courses you are interested in, courses you have completed, as well as your purchase history.
  • Your account is now created.  Therefore, you are able to start establishing your own sub-list of courses you are interested in taking.  Begin by viewing AspiraCE’s course list.  Then, just click on the Courses link in the menu on the left hand side of each page.
  • Once you have made your way to the master course list you can:
    • Filter the courses using the buttons located at the top of the page.
    • Select your state, profession, and/or a course category (assessment, clinical, law, ethics).
    • Enter part of the course title or a keyword in the search bar to help you locate your continuing education course.

Selecting and completing your course

  • Once you have located the CE course you want to take, you can add each course to your own sub-list on your myCourses page.  Do this by clicking on the “Add to myCourses” button just below the description of the course.
  • Click on the “View Course Info” button to see a description of the CE course.
  • Then, you will be taken to the Course Description page.   Whereby, you can click on the “View Coursework” button and the course content will be pulled up in a separate tab in your browser.
  • You can take as long as you need to read through the course content.  Thus, once you have finished reading through the course content you will then want to access the course exam.
  • The course exam can be accessed at any time.  Hence, you can access the course exam from the master course list, from the Course Description page, or from your sub-list on your myCourses page.
  • Answer all the questions on the exam. Then, click on the “Grade My Answers” button at the bottom of the exam.  After that, the system will:
    • Grade the answers
    • Display your exam results immediately
    • Give you the opportunity to print out your exam results
  • After viewing your exam results, you will click on the OK button.
  • You will then be taken to the course evaluation.  This is a vital part of the process.  It gives you the opportunity to:
    • Share with us how we are doing regarding the course content, set objectives, format, etc.
    • Tells us what we are doing well and in what areas we can improve.  We appreciate your feedback.

Accessing your certificate of completion

  • After completing an Aspira CE course, passing the exam, completing the course evaluation, and purchasing the appropriate number of units you will be given access to your certificate(s) of completion.
  • You can print it out then or access it at a later date to print out by going to your myCourses page and clicking on the tab “Aspira Courses I’ve Passed” and clicking on the “Download” button in the far right column.
  • You will need to purchase the number of units that correspond with the number of contact hours for the course(s) you want to complete and/or have already completed.
    • For example if the courses you want to take and/or have already taken add up to 20 hours, you will need to purchase 20 units (which can be done with individual units or with one of our subscription options, or a combination of both).
  • Your certificate will always be available for viewing and printing on our site from your myCourses page at any time after earning it.
  • You may also purchase continuing education units ahead of time from your myCourses page.
  • The best purchasing option will depend on how many contact hours you need to complete for your license application or renewal.
  • Please view AspiraCE’s Pricing page for details on all your purchasing options.


Your myCourses Page

Your myCourses page is your unique page that provides quick access to:

  • Course history
  • purchase history
  • Profile information
  • Professional info


Regarding your course history you can view information on:

      • Courses you are working on
      • Completed courses with Aspira CE
      • Completed courses from other providers


Use your myCourses page to keep track of your entire continuing education portfolio.

Aspira Continuing Education always strives to provide our customers with the premier continuing education experience.

Our low-cost solutions are quick, simple, and completely online.

Obtaining and maintaining your professional license with Aspira Continuing Education is fun and easy.

Take some time to browse our courses and become a part of the Aspira family!


Why Aspira CE? – Aspira CE has received approvals from the following Boards:

APA Board

NBCC Board

Texas Board

Florida Board

Ohio Board


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Our state and national mental health board certifications

Aspira Continuing Education’s courses are approved or accepted by many state boards and national boards.  Aspira CE is approved for Psychologists, MFTs, Counselors, Social Workers, and Nurses. Many states accept the approval of a national board or the board of a different state (such as California Board of Behavioral Sciences) that governs the same professional licensee. (ex. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Alabama can use our site for their CE requirements because Aspira has approval from the California BBS which governs LSCWs and the Alabama Board of Social Work Examiners accepts this approval).

See Aspira’s state and national CE Provider numbers.