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For NBCC Counselor (NCC), click here: NCC CE Requirements.

Unit Pricing: Aspira Continuing Education

Aspira CE Unit Pricing

Unit Pricing: Aspira courses are paid for with units you buy from us. One unit is equivalent to one continuing education contact hour.  To gain access to a certificate of completion, members will need to purchase 1 unit for every 1 hour of coursework.  So, a three-hour course will require the purchase of three units.  Click on the Buy Now button below the purchase option that works best for you!


Be sure to create an account and log in prior to any purchase or completing any exam.

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Purchase Options

Individual Units

Purchase only the number of units you need

 1 – 9 units: $8/unit

10+ units: $6/unit

1 Year Limited Units

Up to 18 units over a period of 12 months



1 Year Unlimited Units

Unlimited units for 12 months



2 Year Unlimited Units

Unlimited units for 2 years



10 Year Unlimited Units

Unlimited units for 10 years


Lifetime Unlimited Units

Unlimited units forever!


Our unit pricing system gives you the flexibility to buy units needed for each course as you finish them or buy the units ahead of time before completing any coursework, allowing you to “bank” your units to be applied towards any future course(s).  You can purchase enough units for just one course or for multiple courses. The more units purchased the more you save per unit.


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Company CE Unit Packages

Do you have a company that would like to offer CE units to their employees?  AspiraCE has a solution for you.  

With AspiraCE you can create a company account with an unique username. Then you have your employees create an employee account using the company username as the link.  As a company administrator you will have the ability to purchase units in bulk and assign them to your employees as needed at any time. If an employee leaves the company and still has units remaining, no problem, just make that employee inactive and their unused units will be restored back to the company total.

Click on the banner to the right to see all the company unit pricing options and all appropriate instructions for both the company administrator and for the employees.

Use the Contact Us page for any additional questions.

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Course Format

The majority of our courses are in a PDF format. There is no additional fee for the materials for these courses. A small percentage of our courses are considered book courses. Each book course will require the purchase of the corresponding book, if not already owned. We provide a link to in order to help acquire the book. When completing a book course, the cost of the book is in addition to any fees for the units of that course.

Also, there are some courses that are offsite content courses.  These courses have content that is provided by a separate company that may or may not charge for said content.  Aspira CE then provides the exam and ability to earn CE for learning that content.  Users will need to purchase units from Aspira CE in order to gain access to any certificates of completion earned for passing the exams for the offsite content.

1 unit from AspiraCE covers 1 contact hour of course content

(example: for a 3 hour course you will need to purchase 3 units from AspiraCE)


3 Process Options

Option 1: Pay as you go

  1. Pass your exam/Complete evaluation
  2. Buy units for that course
  3. Receive your certificate
Pay as you go

$8/unit for 9 or less units
$6/unit for 10 or more units

Option 2: Pay ahead and bank your units

  1. Pay for your units
  2. Pass exam(s)/Complete evaluation(s)
  3. Receive your certificates
Pay ahead and bank your units

$8/unit for 9 or less units
$6/unit for 10 or more units

Option 3: Buy a subscription

  1. Buy a subscription
  2. Pass exam(s)/Complete evaluation(s)
  3. Receive your certificates
Buy a subscription

$69 – up to 18 units for 1 year
$129 – unlimited units for 1 year
$199 – unlimited units for 2 years
$499 – unlimited units for 10 years
$599 – unlimited units for a lifetime