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Show Me the Money! Understanding Rates, Raises, and Resigning

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Show Me the Money! Understanding Rates, Raises, and Resigning (Recorded Webinar) – Online CE Course

PLEASE READThis course is an offsite online program by ZynnyMe and has a separate cost in addition to the units purchased with Aspira CE.  This webinar is offered by ZynnyMe as part of their paid community.  When you click on the “View Webinar” button below you will be redirected to the ZynnyMe site to enroll and pay for their Business School For Therapists program.  As a paid subscriber with ZynnyMe, you will then have access to this webinar.  After completing the webinar you can then return to this site ( to complete the exam for this course, pay for your units, and earn your certificate of completion for CE.

Want to build your business and get CEUs at the same time? Business School for Therapists is the largest online business training program for therapists, counselors, social workers and psychologists. (See 8 of the 9 modules for Business School for Therapists in our course list).

Show Me the Money! Understanding Rates, Raises, and Resigning Webinar Course Objectives, Description, and Outline

Course Objectives:
  1. Identify 4 factors that affect therapy reimbursement rates
  2. Identify 2 reasons why therapists don’t seek higher reimbursement
  3. Identify 1 common practice that is actually an insurance contract violation
  4. Identify ethical and clinical issues often faced when leaving a client’s health plan
Course Description:

When dealing with insurance, one of our biggest complaints as psychotherapists is the low reimbursement rates, which can be less than half of our normal fee. This issue alone leads many of us to avoid contracting with insurance, or to resign. While this is a major source of pain, the vast majority of us don’t really understand how plans come up with reimbursement rates, don’t know how to fight it when a rate drops, and most of us have never asked for a raise. In fact, many of us aren’t aware that raises are possible.

Course Outline:
    1. Some Definitions: Network Provider, Out of Network, Superbill Reimbursement Rates:
      1. Understanding Allowed Amounts
      2. Key Factors Affecting Reimbursement Rates
      3. The Dangers of Courtesy Billing, and How This Can Impact Treatment Raises
      4. Statistical Findings of One Survey about Raises
      5. Asking for a Raise: 7 Steps
      6. What to Say When Asking for a Raise
      7. Handout: Sample Raise Request Letter
      8. Will a Raise Request Trigger an Audit?
      9. General Q & A around Raises
    2. Resigning from a Network
      1. Can a Network Therapist Ethically Refuse Insurance Clients?
      2. Things to Consider Before Resigning
      3. Steps to Resigning from a Health Plan
      4. What Ethics Codes Say About Resignation
      5. Resigning and Therapist Self-Care
      6. Ethically Handling Clinical Issues Related to Resignations
      7. How to Help Clients Afford Your Fee After Resignation
      8. Checking Coverage Handout
Instructors: Barbara Griswold, LMFT

Barbara Griswold, LMFT and author of Navigating the Insurance Maze: The Therapist’s Complete Guide to Working with Insurance – And Whether You Should, now in its 8th edition. She has been interviewed on NPR’s Morning Edition and served 2 years on the Ethics Committee for the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. In addition to her 31-year private practice in San Jose, CA, she provides individual consultations, Continuing Education webinars, and group trainings to therapists nationwide, on topics including insurance, progress notes, and practice-building.  She invites Zynnyme members to check out all the resources on her website at


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