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Find your state board CE requirements:

For NBCC Counselor (NCC), click here: NCC CE Requirements.

LCSW Continuing Education

LCSW Continuing Education offers top quality LCSW continuing education

LCSW continuing education

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LCSW continuing education requirements vary from state to state.  Also, the number of LCSW CE units allowed from an online source varies.  Hence, it is important to know your state board requirements.  Also, one should knowhow many CE units are allowed from online LCSW CE providers like Aspira CE.

Individual State Boards

Your State Board’s information is subject to change without notice. Thus, you can click here: State Board Website List to access your state board’s website to view the latest information.  Go to the “Continuing Education” section of your state board’s rules and regulations.  This section will provide the details of the CE requirements mentioned above.

You can view map at the bottom of our FAQ page to see if Aspira CE is an approved CE provider for Social Workers in your state.

Many states accept either Aspira CE’s Florida State Board approval, NBCC approval, or our APA approval.  Hence, this means that all of your certificate of completions will have either Aspira CE’s Florida Board provider number, the NBCC provider number, or the APA provider number printed on them in lieu of your state board’s information.

Florida State Board for Social Workers

NBCC Website

APA Website



The California Board of Behavioral Sciences (CA BBS) accepts all courses offered by The BBS does not approve providers directly (they stopped approving providers and renewing approvals in 2015).  The CA BBS now defers out to other agencies and boards.  Aspira CE is approved by the APA and NBCC which the CA BBS accepts.  Therefore, the CA BBS will continue to accept all courses offered by Aspira CE.  Click here for: CA BBS CE Renewal Requirements.

Aspira CE’s Website


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Social Worker Continuing Education

Continuing education (CEU) courses offered

Aspira Continuing Education’s courses encompass all areas of mental health practice. Whether you are completing CEUs for your certification or maintain your license, our online continuing education courses provide the fastest, low cost, convenient way to fulfill your CEU requirements. We offer courses in the following subjects: