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Find your state board CE requirements:

For NBCC Counselor (NCC), click here: NCC CE Requirements.

CA BBS CE Renewal Info

CA BBS CE – Board of Behavioral Sciences


California BBS CE requirements

HIV/AIDS (7 hours) per Title 16 California Code of Regulations (16CCR) § 1887.3 (c)
Child Abuse Assessment and Reporting (7 hours) per 16CCR  § 1807.2
Alcoholism and Other Chemical Substance Abuse Dependency (15 hours) per 16CCR § 1810
Law and Ethics (6 hours) per 16CCR § 1887.3 (d)
√* Marriage and Family Therapy (6 hours) per Business and Professional Code § 4999.20

*Only required for the following LPCCs – otherwise is not required:

  • LPCCs who choose to assess or treat couples or families
  • LPCCs supervising an Associate Marriage and Family Theapist or MFT Trainee
  • LPCCs supervising an LPCC or Associate PCC gaining experience with couples or families


Other Information:

Overall Hours: All licensees are required to complete the MINIMUM of 18 hours of Continuing Education (CE) for their first renewal. An LEP may be required to complete more hours due to their particular requirements. All subsequent renewals have a requirement of 36 hours.
Dual Licensees: If you have a LMFT or LCSW license in addition to your LEP or LPCC license, you may apply CE hours to both licenses if the course meets all CE requirements and the subject matter relates to both scopes of practice.
Courses Taught: You may claim credit for teaching a course. You will receive the same amount of hours as a course attendee would receive. However, you can only claim credit for teaching a course one time during a single renewal period.
1 Semester Unit = 15 CE hours 1 Quarter Unit = 10 CE hours
Supervisors: Supervisors of Associate Clinical Social Workers, Associate Marriage and Family Therapists, MFT Trainees or Associate Professional Clinical Counselors may apply supervisor course training hours to CE requirements as long as the training has been taken from an acceptable CE provider.


Aspira Continuing Education offers each of the courses listed above required for CA BBS CE renewal, including the 6 hours for LPCCs wanting to treat couples and/or families (see our FAQ page for the courses that can be used for this requirement).


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