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NBCC-approved (Provider #6416)
CCAPP Approved (Provider # 2C-09-123-0817)
Texas Board Approved (Provider #373)
CA BBS Approved (Provider #PCE 4374)
Florida Board Approved (Provider #50-10910)
CA BRN-approved (Provider #CEP 15657)

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Online ceus for counselors, social workers, nurses, therapists, interns, MFTs, LMFTs, MFCCs, MHCs, LPCs, LPCCs, CADCs, CADCAs, LCSWs, LSWs, ASWs, RNs, LPNs. Aspira CE provides ceu's for counselors, ce courses for MFTs, social work continuing education, board approved ceus, NBCC approved ceus, BBS approved ceus, CA BRN approved ce courses, nursing continuing education, MFT ceus, Social Worker ceus, Counselor ceus, RN and LPN ceus. Complete every online CEU with Aspira Continuing Education.

Aspira Continuing Education FAQs

If you can't find an answer to your question here, please contact us.

Clinical and Licensing

Is Aspira CE approved to provide continuing education units/hours for my license and state?

Aspira CE is approved to provide continuing education units/hours for many licenses and states. Check the table below to determine if Aspira’s courses are approved for your license and state.

Washington, DC                        
North Carolina                        
North Dakota                        
New Hampshire                        
New Jersey                        
New Mexico                      
New York                        
Rhode Island                          
South Carolina                      
South Dakota                          
West Virginia                        

How can I register with Aspira CE if I don't have a license yet?

Even though each field on the registration page is mandatory, you don't have to be licensed to use this site and complete our courses. Here is how you can fill in the fields requesting licensing information.

  • Licensing State - select your state of residence
  • Profession - select "other" and then type in "student" or "intern" or "pre-licensed"
  • License Number - enter in any identifying number you choose, or simply type in "none" or "NA"
  • License Expiry Date - select any valid date in the near future

If I have more than one license, can I print a certificate for each license for each course?

Yes. If you have multiple licenses you can print a certificate of completion to be applied to each license for each course you complete. To do this all you need to do is print a certificate of completion with your currently listed license information. After the certificate has been printed, go to your myCourses page and click on the “edit account information” link.  Scroll down to where the license fields are, change them to your secondary license, save it, and then reprint your certificates. Continue this process with any other licenses you may have that accepts courses from our site.

I forgot my password, how can I get access to my account?

Start by clicking on the “I forgot my password” link on the Log In screen. You will be asked to enter your email. Type in your email that you used when you created your account and then click on the “Find Account” button. The system will search for your account. Once the system finds your account, it will display the security question you typed in when you created your account. Type in your answer and then click on the “Submit” button. The system will then send to your email (the one listed in your account) a temporary password. Once you receive this temporary password, go back to the Log In screen and enter your email and the system’s temporary password (be sure to enter it exactly as shown, all passwords are case sensitive). Once you are back into your account, go to your myCourses page and click on the “edit account information “ link. Type in the temporary password into the field for “Old Password”. Then create a new password and enter it into the next two fields “New Password” and “Re-enter Password”. Click on the “Submit” button to save your new password.

Can I see the results of my exam to know which questions I answered correctly and which ones I answered incorrectly?

Unfortunately, our system does not save exam results. After grading the exam on a pass/no pass scale, the system discards the results. If you do not pass the exam and are taken back to the exam questions, the answers selected are not correlated with the answers submitted. The option of having results available is being looked at for future development of our site.

Where do I find AspiraCE’s provider numbers?

To see all of the organizations that have granted approval to AspiraCE to provide online CE and the corresponding provider numbers, you can simply click on the organization logos listed in the left column on each page of our site. You can also click this link as well: AspiraCE Approvals and CE Provider Numbers

How do I get a receipt of my purchase?

Our system will automatically send via email a receipt of all transactions. The system sends the receipt to the email listed in your AspiraCE account.

What do I do if I lose my Certificate of Completion?

If you need to retrieve your certificate of completion, you can log into the site with your username and password and retrieve your certificate. You can print your certificate at any time.

What is the difference between an Online Interactive CE Course and a Home-Study Course?

If you submit a completed course/exam to the CE provider via regular mail, then you have taken a home-study course. If the course/exam is completed and submitted online, then the hours are approved as an online interactive CE course. Many state boards, such as the California Board of Behavioral Services, allow all required continuing education to be earned from online interactive continuing education courses. Check with your respective board to determine the amount of hours/units that are permitted online.

Certificate Printing Problems

My certificate doesn't fit on page when I print it

You should print your certificate in landscape (wide) mode. To do so, select landscape mode from the print dialog that appears when you select the Print Certificate button. Consult your computer's system or printer manual for more information.

My certificate only shows a few words, with no certificate border.

In most browsers, background images are not printed by default. To properly print the certificates, you must tell your browser to print background images. To do so, follow the instructions for your browser:

Internet Explorer

Select the Tools menu, then select Internet Options. In the dialog that appears, select the Advanced tab at the top, then scroll down the list of options until you find the Printing section. Make sure the Print background colors and images option is selected, then click the OK button.


Select Print, then click on the Copies & Pages dropdown menu, select Safari and check the box that says Print backgrounds.


Select the File menu, then select Page Setup. In the dialog that appears, check the Print Background (colors & images) box.


Unfortunately, Chrome does not yet support printing background images. While you can use Chrome for all other features our site provides, to print certificates, you must use a different browser.

Refund Policy

Refunds and Cancellations

Aspira CE offers a 30-day money back guarantee. For complete details on our refund policy see our Terms of Service.