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Personal Responsibility; Your Own Creation

Nicole Hiltibran February 4, 2016 mental health ceus, mental health continuing education

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What do you think about this quote? It’s not exactly easy to apply to ourselves which is natural since personal responsibility is rarely ever easy. What if I told you that every decision you’ve ever made has landed you exactly where you are right now? The more personal responsibility we are willing to assume, the more our lives can change and grow. Why? Because it opens the door for us to be able to get to work. I certainly can’t work on what I am unwilling and/or unable to acknowledge.

It becomes less difficult to assume personal responsibility when we are willing and able to separate our mistakes from our self worth. Contrary to popular belief, our behaviors do not define us and neither do our mistakes. If you recall the worst thing you’ve ever done (try not to cringe I know I did) then it’s easier to see that we can’t possibly be defined by our mistakes and regretful choices.

Personal responsibility is defined as “the willingness to both accept the importance of standards that society establishes for individual behavior and to make strenuous personal efforts to live by those standards.” Personal responsibility is also defined as “the idea that human beings choose, instigate, or otherwise cause their own actions. A corollary idea is that because we cause our actions, we can be held morally accountable or legally liable. Personal responsibility can be contrasted to the idea that human actions are caused by conditions beyond the agent’s control.”When you break down the very word “responsibility” you can better see the definition contained in its roots “response + ability”

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