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Letting Go

Nicole Hiltibran April 19, 2016 Uncategorized


Letting Go

Sometimes holding on really does do more damage than letting go. To “let” can be defined in several ways including:

  • “to allow something to happen or someone to do something by giving permission or by not doing anything to stop it from happening
  • to cause something to happen or to be in a particular condition, or to cause someone to understand something
1. To give permission or opportunity to; allow: I let them borrow the car. The inheritance let us finally buy a house.
2. To cause to; make: Let the news be known.
3. a. Used as an auxiliary in the imperative to express a command, request, or proposal: Let’s finish the job! Let x equal y. b. Used as an auxiliary in the imperative to express a warning or threat: Just let her try!
4. To permit to enter, proceed, or depart: let the dog in.
5. To release from or as if from confinement: let the air out of the balloon; let outyelp.
6. To rent or lease: let rooms.
7. To award, especially after bids have been submitted: let the construction job to anew firm.
8. To become rented or leased.
9. To be or become assigned, as to a contractor.”
The definitions above all include intentionality. It requires intentionality and willingness to let go or release oneself from a burden. The operative meaning  in many of these descriptions above is to “allow”. When we are able to allow ourselves to move on from the damaging influences in our lives, we find ourselves letting go, and perhaps, just a little bit freer.
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