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Important Truths

Nicole Hiltibran February 1, 2016 mental health ceus, mental health continuing education

Important Truths


Important Truths

Important Truths:

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Here are some more memorable quotes of Henry Cloud that reveal important truths:

“Those who doe well in crisis realize they haven’t lost everything.  They know they still have the things that matter to them: their key relationships, their values, their hearts, minds, and souls.”

“Take charge of the things you can control, and don’t worry about the things you can’t.”

“”Get over it” is offensive sometimes.  But sometimes it is the best advice we can hear.  Sometimes you have to let it go and move forward.”

“It’s hard to love someone when you are judging them.”

“Being certain without real knowledge is like walking on thin ice over a deep freezing pool.  Your thin confidence will be broken by the weight of reality.  Better to walk across ice that you have learned truly is stable and strong enough to hold you.  That takes real knowledge.”

“Listen to people you disagree with.  Listen and be curious.  Asking why they believe that or how they believe that will lead you to greater understanding, even of your own position if you continue to hold it.”

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