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The Hardest Climb

Nicole Hiltibran February 12, 2016 Goals

The Hardest Climb

The Hardest Climb

The Hardest Climb – The best view really does come after the hardest climb doesn’t it?

Just for fun let’s look into the definition of the word “hard”. It’s defined as “1. solid, firm, and resistant to pressure; not easily broken, bent, or pierced. 2. requiring a great deal of endurance or effort. ‘stooping over all day was hard work’.” Synonyms include arduous, strenuous, tiring, fatiguing,exhausting, wearying, back-breaking,grueling, heavy, laborious, diligently industriously, assiduously.

It’s easy to become discouraged in the midst of hard work and struggle that doesn’t seem to be paying off. Long term goals and achieving them can seem elusive and out of reach. Sometimes it’s helpful to add perspective and break up long term goals into small achievable goals. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Write down your long term goal
  2. Now, rewrite the goal including specific, measurable characteristics
  3. Create short term achievable goals based on these measurable characteristics
  4. Include time frames and a task list

Hopefully, this process assists in transforming a long term huge goal that seems out of reach into smaller more achievable goals. Baby steps! Don’t forget to reward yourself for small goals achieved along the way. Celebrate your successes! Keep a journal of all of your goals achieved and review frequently. Research shows that reminding ourselves of our specific successes helps motivate us while pursuing difficult goals. Reflect on other occasions and/or life stages where you met your goals. It’s a reality check and reminder that you really can reach the top of the mountain where you will find the best view.

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