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A True Relationship

Nicole Hiltibran March 7, 2016 mental health

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“A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other”. Is this the definition of commitment? It certainly is a major contributor, Refusing to give up on each other is more unselfish perspective than the position most people take within relationships.  The word commitment is defined as :

“1  a promise to do or give something

2  a promise to be loyal to someone or something

3  the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something

Synonyms include dedication, devotion, allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, vow, promise, pledge, oath, contract, pact, deal, decision, and resolution.

Commitment has somehow become a bad word within the context of dating and relationships.  Yet, it’s the glue that holds a relationship together against all odds. Most who leave relationships due to unmet needs often repeat the same cycle in future relationships.  Having one’s needs met is certainly important, but nobody can possibly meet all of our needs long term. It’s time that we begin to examine the reality of successful long term relationships and that commitment is essential.

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