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Exam: Permission to Be Profitable: Therapists in Private Practice

TIP: To pass this exam, you will need to answer at least 75% of the questions correctly. There is no time limit, and you may retake the exam as often as you need.  You can print a copy of this exam by clicking on the Print Exam button below.

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1. Is a desire for profits inherently unethical?(Required)
2. What are some potential benefits to a therapist being profitable?(Required)
3. What are some everyday situations where a therapist’s issues with profitability might be relevant?(Required)
4. Why do some therapists have issues about profitability?(Required)
5. What are some ways that therapists can navigate raising fees in a professional yet ethical manner?(Required)
6. How could a therapist’s unwillingness to openly discuss fees or other financial issues harm clients?(Required)
7. What are some potential harms to a situation where a client is repeatedly late to sessions, and the therapist simply extends their appointment end-time without any additional fee?(Required)
8. How can therapists model healthy financial boundaries?(Required)
9. Why do some therapists use an “open authorization” to charge credit cards?(Required)
10. What are some potential policies to handle late cancellations?(Required)