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Exam: What’s Missing From Your Charts: Writing Great Progress Notes

TIP: To pass this exam, you will need to answer at least 75% of the questions correctly. There is no time limit, and you may retake the exam as often as you need.  You can print a copy of this exam by clicking on the Print Exam button below.

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1. The presenter stated that most therapists feel confident about their notes, and feel they received adequate training regarding notes.(Required)
2. Good notes are essential because they are required by:(Required)
3. The presenter urged therapists to think of their charts in what way?(Required)
4. Clinical documentation in client’s chart should include:(Required)
5. Which does not need to be in a progress note?(Required)
6. The presenter stated that:(Required)
7. When using the SOAP notes template the P stands for:(Required)
8. When writing notes, therapists should:(Required)
9. Altering and changing records should be done:(Required)
10. Actual session start and stop time should be included in the notes.(Required)
11. Common requirements for intake include:(Required)
12. Insurance plans will pay for treatment:(Required)
13. If an Insurance Plan asks for a client’s charts, therapists should:(Required)
14: Even out-of-network therapists can have charts and care reviewed by a health plan if a client submits an invoice for therapy to their plan.(Required)
15. If a health care plan conducts a treatment review:(Required)