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Exam: Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction, 2nd Edition

TIP: To pass this exam, you will need to answer at least 75% of the questions correctly. There is no time limit, and you may retake the exam as often as you need.  You can print a copy of this exam by clicking on the Print Exam button below.

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1. The concept of "embracing the dog" means:(Required)
2. Emotion-dodging methods include:(Required)
3. Learning about your feelings and involve exploring an emotion's:(Required)
4. A situation is followed by:(Required)
5. Repeat-offender thoughts:(Required)
6. Using the Consider the Evidence Worksheet with clients will:(Required)
7. Choosing the opposite is the best decision when:(Required)
8. Family, Faith, Community, and Health are examples of:(Required)
9. The Making Decisions Based on Values exercise can be used with clients to help healthy decision making.(Required)
10. Mindfulness has been shown to improve:(Required)
11. Being "chased by imaginary lions" means:(Required)
12. The Buddhist concept of radical acceptance:(Required)
13. A good way to start defining loss is as:(Required)
14. Infertility, combat trauma, and the death of a loved one are all:(Required)
15. The Loss Impact Worksheet considers the impact of loss on your:(Required)
16. The authors provide a Checklist for Addiction Signs in order to help the reader:(Required)
17. Switching to another addiction:(Required)
18. The authors suggest that using a "Wellness Script":(Required)
19. The loss-addiction cycle happens when loss propels addiction, and addiction leads to more loss.(Required)
20. The authors recommend using the Loss Anniversary Calendar to:(Required)
21. The authors state that the antidote to resistance is:(Required)
22. The authors suggest that the five stages of grief may not go in order in recovery.(Required)
23. A List of Common Social Problems can include which of the following:(Required)
24. Qualities of healthy relationships include:(Required)
25. The Letter of Invitation is used to:(Required)
26. Within the Healing Conversation Format, an example of supportive feedback includes:(Required)
27. The authors describe ways to manage social discomfort as all of the following EXCEPT:(Required)
28. Nonjudgmental phrases include all of the following EXCEPT:(Required)
29. In the Acts of Kindness Towards Yourself exercise, the authors recommend which of these:(Required)
30. The F in FLOAT stands for:(Required)
31. The authors state that alcohol or other drugs can make depression better.(Required)
32. The Ten Common Signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Checklist includes which of the following?(Required)
33. The authors suggest this skill to incorporate mindful eating into your recovery:(Required)
34. According to the Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep, good sleep habits include all of the following EXCEPT:(Required)
35. The Pleasant Activities List includes these activities EXCEPT:(Required)